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Providing a 21st century real-world education to today's youth

Our Work

In today's rapidly changing digital age, student-led Habitat Youth Leaders believes that every child deserves a practical, applicable education. We work with local organizations to provide this education to elementary schoolers through seminars and workshops. 

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Asynchronous Courses

Check out one of our asynchronous courses: music reading on YouTube. Through these courses, young students can learn a valuable skill on their own time, and have fun while doing it! Children need not attend live seminars, through these courses they can learn at their own paces, and learn skills not taught in school. 

Humanity Rising Scholarship


In May 2021, Habitat Youth Leaders and their CEO was recognized by Rainn Wilson and Humanity Rising as a finalist for the $2500 Rainn Wilson Challenge Scholarship. Habitat Youth Leaders was one of 8 finalists out of several hundreds of applicants across the country.


Join Habitat Youth Leaders

To continue making a positive impact, Habitat Youth Leaders will always be in need of dedicated volunteers and leaders. We are proud that high school students are the backbone of our organization and encourage all those who are interested in our work to apply for a position in Habitat Youth Leaders. We are also fully registered to offer volunteer hours through VolunteerMark

Organizations We've Worked With

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Regnart Elementary

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