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HYL Summer Soft Skills Challenge

Students from K-5 grade from any country are eligible for this competition with no entry fee. The goal of this competition is to improve soft-skills of elementary schoolers in 5 areas: communication, creative art, creative writing, and problem solving. Through submitting a proposal to one of the 4 prompts, children will be able to practice valuable 21st century skills and also earn appealing incentives. 


 Winners will receive a free T-shirt with "HYL Soft Skill Challenge Winner" in text and will be interviewed and showcased on our website. Furthermore, Habitat Youth Leaders will contact local media organizations for additional recognition. If appropriate, students will also be connected with professionals to implement project proposals. Submissions are judged on content quality and not length. Good luck to all!!

The Deadline for Submission is August 12th 

After signing up, submission information and further details will be sent

Submission are closed


Write and record yourself delivering a brief, “why you should vote for me” presidential campaign speech. It should be around 1-2 minutes long, but don't worry if your submission is longer. No less than 30 seconds!

Creative Art

Create an illustration on paper of one place in the world you would like to visit or of a completely imaginary place you would like to be in. Submit your drawings and include 1-2 sentences on why you would like to visit that place. Paintings, sketches, drawings with colored pencils, etc. will be accepted.

Problem Solving

Problem solving includes creating a new method, idea, or project with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage. Come up with a new method, idea, or project that would fix a problem or improve efficiency. In your submission, describe the problem you are solving, your solution, and who it will help. Present it in a 1 minute video or submit a written application of around 1 page.

Creative Writing

Write a short story on any experience you have had in your life, about any fictional character who you want to create, about any place you’ve visited or want to visit. This short story can be about anything really, fake or real, it is totally up to you to show off your creativity skills. This can be funny, dramatic, sad, serious -it can take any tone as long as you make it your own! Your story should be around 1 page long!

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